Abu Dhabi: Foundation stone laid for Al Khalidiya’s expanded factory building

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It was a very precious day in the life of Al Khalidiya Group of Companies employees who completed 10 years or more in their employment. Their CEO, who always treat the employees as his own family members, took them along for foundation stone laying for the extension building of the current factory building.

About Al Khalidiya Group

Human thoughts are unlimited and without ends. No instruments have been created to measure human thoughts.When such thoughts are burning in a visionary’s heart, then it will take a different turn. Because, a visionary is always together with his family and himself thinking about his near ones, neighbours and society at large. Here is a story of such a visionary who landed in the United Arab Emirates with a small suitcase with his day-to-day belongings in January 1996. He joined as a labourer in a company in Abu Dhabi for a glass, aluminum and steel company, slogged for 10 years till 2005 with full dedication without caring about the scorching heat in Abu Dhabi.

Gaining full knowledge in his work, he started his own company in April 2005 with a small size unit which has grown today as a big empire in the industry with the name ‘Al Khalidiya Group of Companies’ and the proud owner of the company is none other than Benedict Pinto, who is a well-known community leader, philanthropist and a great supporter to all community events.

After taking the daring step of starting his own establishment, Benedict Pinto never looked back. He has worked day and night continuously. Slowly as the business grew, he started to appoint staff members, one at a time. With his dedication and good rapport with customers, production increased tremendously which resulted in starting his second division. Thus, with tiny steps, his establishment grew. Today, his company is identified as a group of companies with 9 divisions under its belt with a massive 500 plus dedicated staff strength.

Benedict Pinto has not concentrated only on one division. Today, his business divisions run into diversified industries from aluminium and steel, automobiles, hardware, joinery (timber and interiors), exports etc. Benedict Pinto is unstoppable at his work and today praised for his visionary foresight. Realizing that his present large factory is not having enough space to accommodate the growing demand of his business, Benedict purchased a land and is all set to build a new building to serve its customers in a larger scale thus fulfilling his dreams.