CAMSfinserv collaborates with Microsoft India to develop Account Aggregator marketplace in India

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CAMSfinserv is working with Microsoft India to develop a robust technology foundation for the Account Aggregator (AA) marketplace in India, to accelerate digital transformation in areas such as credit lending, investment advisory and personal finance management. CAMSfinserv and Microsoft will work jointly to empower the Account Aggregator ecosystem by developing the digital capabilities necessary for stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate with each other, and drive inclusive financial growth in India.

CAMSfinserv is one of the first licensees to launch the path-breaking Account Aggregator services envisioned for consent-based data aggregation and sharing. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, CAMSfinserv’s AA offering will assure users with stringent commitments on uptime and speed of delivery while benefitting from Microsoft’s industry-aligned solutions supplemented by its strong R&D and product engineering capabilities. CAMSfinserv AA will adopt some of the most stringent standards of privacy, security and data delivery standards that are envisioned by the regulator by integrating Microsoft’s security suite with the core architecture.