Cigniti Technologies to acquire Aparaa Digital – RoundSqr

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Cigniti Technologies, world’s leading digital assurance and quality engineering services company, is set to acquire Aparaa Digital, a leading AI/ML, Data engineering, Analytics, and Blockchain services company that operates under the brand name RoundSqr. This is a firm step towards bolstering Cigniti’s strategic pursuit of becoming a specialized digital engineering and assurance services provider.

Founded by a group of industry leaders with extensive experience in managing medium to large digital transformation projects, Aparaa Digital (RoundSqr) is headquartered out of Hyderabad, India.

Aparaa brings integrated enterprise digital transformation and consulting-driven expertise covering a gamut of AI and ML, data engineering, and Blockchain capabilities. RoundSqr’s Zastra, (an active learning-AI based data annotation and MLOps platform), helps solve critical model validation challenges as ML models get to production in enterprises. This helps move past the last mile AI operational challenges with MLOps.

Kiran Kuchimanchi, CEO of Aparaa Digital (RoundSqr), said “We are extremely thrilled to join forces with Cigniti, a global leader in the digital assurance space. Our endeavor to help transform the business models of global organizations through byte-sized digital reimagination has received a strategic thrust through this acquisition.”