EaseMyTrip to apply for a Full-Fledged Money Changer License from RBI

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EaseMyTrip, India’s second-largest online travel platform is expanding its offerings and now, aims to launch a currency exchange service. It will enable customers to easily convert their currencies to local tenders.

Acquiring this license will enable EaseMyTrip to offer to extend its portfolio and offer one of the core services needed for international travel, furthering its mission of developing the company into a complete travel ecosystem.

Through the introduction of this service, EaseMyTrip will be able to provide its more than 11 million customers and nearly 60000 travel agents with a much-needed service of currency exchange. Furthermore, foreign currency numbers are huge as the demand for international travel continues to grow exponentially.

Through this service, customers who want to exchange Indian currency for an international banknote will be able to do so at ease. Similarly, international travellers coming to India for their travels can also avail of this service and get their international currency exchanged into Indian currency.

Introducing a forex service to the prevalent mix of offerings by EaseMyTrip will greatly benefit the company, enabling it to offer a wider range of services and dive into the forex market.

This avenue will also benefit customers who want to exchange their currency at a trusted vendor, especially one that puts its customers first, and who understands the needs of travellers across the world. The decision to enter into the foreign exchange market also rose after the company witnessed a substantial increase in international businesses looking to enter the Indian markets.