EKI Energy Services Ltd unveils a new brand identity

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EKI Energy Services Ltd (EKIESL), a leading developer and supplier of carbon credits across the globe, today, announced a host of strategic plans in preparation for COP27. Charting a new roadmap for the financial year 2022-23 to gear up its continued focus for climate action, EKI unveiled a new brand identity and new brand positioning of ‘Steering the planet to net-zero’. The company also announced its commitment to become net-zero by 2030 in addition to defining a target to mobilize upto 1 billion credits within the next 5 years (by 2027).

The company embarked on the enhanced journey today with an aim to ensure that as businesses globally plan their roadmap for FY 22-23, they will take inspiration from EKI and include definite climate goals and targets for emission reductions and net-zero.

The new identity highlights that brand EKI is gearing up to take the role of being major contributors of climate action as it navigates the world to a greener tomorrow.

The new logo reflects this vision by combining green and blue colors of the planet with a leaf at its heart to symbolize its efforts for the restoration of nature across the globe. The zero that is made by the globe and leaf together symbolizes zero for net-zero.

EKI is a carbon neutral company that has been inspiring thousands of businesses across the globe to reduce/offset their emissions through a host of sustainable solutions. With its netzero commitment, the company will take climate action in India to newer heights by enabling the country to fast-track its stride to its net-zero commitment by the year 2070.

The company’s definitive target to contribute 1 billion credits by 2027 will play a significant role to meet the world’s requirement of 58 billion credits per year to enable temperature capping, which is an urgent and critical measure to save the planet.