Final Credit Rating of JSW Energy Ltd – India Rating and Research (Ind-Ra)

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India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra), vide the release dated 5th July, 2022, has assigned a final rating as ‘IND A+/Stable’ of the rupee term loan and bank guarantee facilities of ‘JSW Energy (Kutehr) Limited’, a subsidiary of the Company.

Company Profile
JSWEKL plans to develop a hydroelectric project on the Ravi river in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The project has been envisaged as a run-of-the-river scheme in the upper reaches of the river, with project area lying between longitudes 76027’30” and 76032’18” E and latitudes 32020’-37” and 32027’-58” N.

The project proposes to harness the head (difference in water height level) available between Kutehr and Kharamukh villages, upstream of the under-construction Chamera-III hydroelectric project, and is accessible via the Chamba-Holi road. The barrage and powerhouse sites are approximately 70km and 50km, respectively, from Chamba.

JSWEKL is held 100% by JSW Neo Energy Limited, which is 100% held by JSWEL, the group’s flagship company for the energy sector.

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The stock last hit in BSE,

  • Intraday High of ₹ 209.85
  • Intraday low of ₹ 198.05