Fino Payments Bank appoints Tejas Maniar as Chief Digital Officer

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Fino Payments Bank (“Fino Bank”, “The Bank”, “Fintech”) has announced that it has appointed Tejas Maniar as its Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The appointment follows the news of Fino Bank’s board approving a minority strategic investment in New Delhi based fintech Paysprint Private Limited.

Fino Bank’s phygital model has a strong Pan India physical network aided by digital platforms. To meet the aspirations of its emerging India or Bharat customer segment, the Bank’s vision is to create a strong digital ecosystem that enhances customer experience.

Tejas comes with around two decades of banking experience largely in the digital space. As CDO, Tejas will be instrumental in driving the next level Digital Roadmap and Strategy for Fino Payments Bank (Fino 2.0). He will be responsible for building the digital ecosystem that can leverage the vast existing physical footprint of the bank and developing new digital assets.