Gorani Industries to manufacture 4 categories of gas stoves

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Gorani Industries Limited now has exclusive rights to manufacture four categories of gas stoves for the Company Blow Hot Kitchen Appliances Private Limited, promoter group Company of Gorani Industries Limited. All the above four categories are design registered with the patent office.

In all eight designs registrations have been given for exclusive rights for Gorani Industries Limited. The breakup of such eight designs is as follows:

1. Three registrations are that of a gas stove,
2. Four of a burners
3. One of a high end chimney that was released recently in April

The Company expects a production of around 8000 units of these models which have been design registered. It is important to note that all these models came under the category of premium stoves which will results to add on to the revenue of the Company. The glass top market in India is growing exponentially and slowly replacing the much bigger SS stove market.