Infosys Public Services Introduces Infosys LaborForce

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Infosys Public Services, a US-headquartered subsidiary of Infosys, today introduced Infosys LaborForce, a fully integrated, cloud-native Platform as a Service (PaaS) Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Infosys LaborForce is a tax, benefits, appeals and workforce solution designed to support state governments in building digital and resilient UI systems. The customer-centric solution equips states with advanced CRM and analytics capabilities, a lower long-term cost of ownership, and greater resiliency, that can result in better experiences for the U.S. workforce.

Meeting the needs of the modern workforce now and in the future

Infosys Public Services has developed LaborForce to address the issues with state unemployment and workforce systems. The COVID-19 pandemic put millions of Americans out of work and state unemployment systems across the U.S. failed to meet the soaring demand for benefits. Infosys LaborForce leverages the proven capabilities of cloud to rapidly adapt to a dynamic work, policy, and economic environment and meet the ever-changing needs of U.S. workers.

Infosys LaborForce supports all end-to-end UI processes, including tax, benefits, appeals, workforce, pandemic programs, family leave, call centers, and customer service. The solution leverages Salesforce’s rapid low-code development capabilities, enabling states to add new features and functionalities at speed and scale.

Citizen-centric with enhanced case management

Infosys LaborForce offers automated case management, citizen-centric user experiences, and advanced fraud prevention and detection. For example, using Infosys LaborForce, state employees can utilize functions like click-to-chat to automatically update claims information directly in back-end systems. Infosys LaborForce is also capable of automatically adjusting employer rates based on new information and modifying claims in response – dating back years if needed. AI-enabled decision-making capabilities also help resolve questions related to employee eligibility, enabling the solution to flag potential fraud or reconcile inconsistencies.