Kings Infra assures complete traceability in new crops with SISTA360 protocols

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The Kings Infra Ventures Ltd, technology driven sustainable aquaculture firm, has completed the stocking for the new crop by fully adopting SISTA360 protocols. Adopting SISTA360, a proprietary protocol developed by Kings Infra, would enable the company to provide 100 percent traceability from broodstock to harvesting. The entire data on every input in each pond would be recorded on a real-time basis under the system.

The Golden Marine Harvest, Marakkanam, produced the seedlings for Kings Infra from the broodstock (parent stock) sourced from the Benchmark Genetics Shrimp at Fellsmere, Florida USA. Benchmark Genetics at Fellsmere Florida is a modern biosecure elite multiplication centre. The grandparent stock belongs to Benchmark’s main broodstock multiplication centre in Columbia. Benchmark Genetics Shrimp is part of the UK-based Benchmark Holdings Plc.

Golden Marine Harvests, with state-of-the-art hatcheries in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, is known for supplying high quality shrimp seeds.

The feed for the new crop is exclusively sourced from Uni-President in Vietnam. The company is a leading brand in the aqua feed sector.

The introduction of the brood stock and other inputs with complete traceability in all ponds marks another landmark in the implementation of the System for Integrated Sustainable and Traceable Aquaculture offering 360-degree solutions — (SISTA360), said Shaji Baby John Chairman and Managing Director of Kings Infra Ventures Ltd.

The crop with complete traceability would help the company to command a premium in both global and domestic markets with buyers already evincing keen interests in such a product.

Kings Infra, famed for setting a world record in pond-based aquaculture of L. Vannamei shrimp cultivation by harvesting shrimps weighing 80 gm (210 mm) a few months ago, developed SISTA360, a proprietary system for technology-driven sustainable aquaculture practice.

The company hopes to repeat the same achievement on a commercial basis in all ponds during the present crop and standardise the technology in the present crop for a nationwide rollout of SISTA360 during the current financial year.