Lasa Supergenerics Ltd secures new order of Rs. 500 million

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Lasa Supergenerics Limited, India’s Leading API Manufacturer, announced that it has secured a new order of ₹ 500 Million from just 5 customers.

With the efforts of the Marketing Team and the quality of product it offers, the company was able to grab the order of ₹ 500 Million from only 5 customers in highly competitive market scenario. Such a huge order in the beginning of the financial year shall help the company to boost its production and contribute to the top line of Company.

Besides day-to-day business this bulk order will flood the Order Books yet again for this fiscal which shall help the Company not only to recover the losses incurred in the last financial year due to Natural Calamities but also to contribute towards bottom line and achieve even greater heights.

These bulk orders will contribute in topline of the Company as well as help in improving EBITA of the Company. Moreover we are working in making all our products fully backward integrated which shall boost return on capital of the Company, we shall continue to remain committed to growth.