Nykaa partners with a strong homegrown D2C brand Earth Rhythm through a minority stake

logo credit - Nykaa, FSN E-commerce ventures Ltd
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Nykaa, India’s leading beauty, wellness, and lifestyle destination today announced its partnership with homegrown, science-focused beauty brand Earth Rhythm. With an active focus on research-based and results-oriented products, Earth Rhythm has earned its credentials as a sustainable and inclusive brand amongst Indian beauty consumers.

Nykaa’s investment in Earth Rhythm reinforces the potential of the brand and addresses a growing market for products that are committed to efficacy as well as the planet.

Earth Rhythm, formerly known as Soapworks India, was launched in 2015, in a humble home-based set-up by Harini Sivakumar. An erstwhile banker, Harini turned to entrepreneurship in her quest to find the safest skincare products for her son. In the initial months of founding her own skincare line, she focused solely on studying skin formulations along with her father, who shares her passion and keen attention to clean skin and hair care.

Over the years, Harini has enriched Earth Rhythm with her expertise as a Cosmetic Scientist and has continued strengthening the brand’s promise of clinically effective and high-quality beauty products. It is this commitment that is compelling to Nykaa and brings the two brands together in their effort to make a discernible difference in the market and for consumers.