Only One Earth: Cosmo Foundation plants 15,000 trees

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Cosmo Foundation, the philanthropic wing of Cosmo Films Ltd., today planted more than 15,000 trees at the Army Equestrian Centre, Delhi Cantonment in association with Prayas Youth Foundation – a leading environmental organization in New Delhi.

The drive is a part of Cosmo Foundation Go Green Initiative to take a step towards creating a green and clean environment while contributing directly to the well-being of Mother Earth and our future generation. As of now, the foundation has planted more than 50,000 trees under the initiative across India.

Under Cosmo’s Miyawaki project, the pioneer Miyawaki technique would be used to restore forestry cover in urban spaces. This technique is very useful in creating forests in small urban spaces as it allows for plants to grow 10 times faster and the plantation to be 30 times denser than usual. It involves planting dozens of native species in the same area, and becomes maintenance-free after the first three years.

Cosmo Foundation is devoted to transforming the lives of people via its various efforts across education, health, and environmental initiatives. Through the various programs at Cosmo Foundation, the philanthropic wing has been able to benefit 3.5 lac+ people and educate over 40,000+children.