Route Mobile arm signs agreement with Teledgers Technology Pvt Ltd

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Route Ledger Technologies Private Limited (“Route Ledger”, a wholly owned subsidiary of Route Mobile Limited), today announced the signing of Agreement to Transfer Business to acquire, on a slump sale basis, the AI powered blockchain and “DLT” (DLT means Distributed Ledger Technology) platform, from Teledgers Technology Private Limited (“Teledgers”), other telecom focused high-end security and data sharing systems based on blockchain, and CPaaS solutions.

Teledgers’ blockchain based DLT platform enables telecom operators globally to address guidelines issued by respective telecom regulatory bodies (for instance, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”), in India), in order to ensure spam-free commercial and transactional communication (A2P SMS / voice calls originated by enterprises) with mobile subscribers.

The DLT platform provides an endto-end solution to telecom operators – from registration of enterprises, to registration of various header and content templates, to scrubbing of each commercial communication against the registered templates, to reporting through various dashboards.

Primary focus of the DLT platform is to streamline commercial communication and achieve a spam-free ecosystem. The entire platform is blockchain based, which enables real-time collaboration between telecom operators. In addition to the telecom operators, the regulatory bodies are also able to monitor and supervise the commercial communication flowing through the telecom channels.

In addition to DLT, Teledgers also provides mobile number portability, OSS/BSS management, international roaming and UCC Detection solution, and CPaaS Solutions. CPaaS solutions targeted to enterprises, by Teledgers, include Tracetext – a blockchain based end-to-end encrypted messaging solution for enterprises which avoids data leakages to telemarketers/aggregators or any intermediaries in the value chain.