TCS inaugurates Pace Port Pittsburgh, a Co-Innovation and Advanced Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University

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Tata Consultancy Services has launched TCS Pace Port™ Pittsburgh, an advanced research and co-innovation center on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. The center is designed to help U.S. companies bring innovations to life faster by using the latest advances in technology and collaborating with local startups, entrepreneurs, students, and educators.

TCS Pace Port Pittsburgh is the fourth global co-innovation hub launched by TCS. Designed for companies in a wide range of industries, it specializes in innovation in the manufacturing and utilities sectors, providing enterprises with new ways to tap the Internet of Things (IoT) and the latest advances in AI from TCS Research.

The pandemic has accelerated adoption of digital technologies and the digitalization of customer interactions. This has also strengthened the imperative for companies in every industry to innovate faster to establish competitive differentiation. As the preferred transformation partner to leading U.S. companies, including nearly half the Fortune 500, TCS built this center to cater to the needs of clients looking to speed up and scale their innovation initiatives. TCS Pace Port Pittsburgh brings together partner ecosystems, digital talent, trendspotting, sandboxes and other innovation toolsets, and can instantly source inspiration and capability from across the world. Key capabilities of the new creative hub include:

– TCS Academic Research Lab: A space that allows researchers and CMU experts to gain exposure to the thinking and collaborative ecosystem research environment enabled by TCS, while furthering a research agenda across cutting-edge technology areas such as AI, blockchain, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.

– TCS Innovation Showcases: A presentation and engagement facility that helps clients visualize the phases of their digital transformation journey.

– TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) Accelerator: A collaborative ecosystem where startups, technology partners, CMU students and faculty, and TCS experts can collaboration on innovations.

– TCS Agile Workspace: A fully equipped, agile working environment to run business solution concepts with devoted virtual environments engineered to simulate real-world conditions.

– TCS Rapid Lab: An incubation lab that aims to accelerate innovation, solve business problems, move faster from concept to design and experience, and accelerate innovation acceptance.

– TCS Think Spaces: A workspace tailored to apply design thinking in discovering engaging ways to build new businesses and new sources of differentiation. Design thinking workshops are customized to help clients uncover new game-changing opportunities.