Time Audio inks an epic music deal with Orient Tradelink Limited

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In a landmark deal Time Audio which is one of the top film production and music Companies of Bollywood signed a 11 year music and digital deal with Orient Tradelink Limited.

Orient Tradelink Limited had acquired 30 spiritual mantras, 150 talk shows and inspirational videos and 500 talks and 150 music labels from Aum Sportainment Pvt. Ltd.

The Company has sold these distribution right to Times Audio, w.e.f. 2nd May for 11 years. Those would be exploided by shooting fresh videos for digital platform and publishing these videos on platform across the world.

According to Mahesh Verma, Director “Sai Ki Mahima with Aushim Khetrapal a You Tube channel has seen 400% growth in 4 months.” He further added “the revenue from these talks and videos would boost the company’s bottom line 4 times this fiscal year.”

Mr. Khetarpal’s spiritual talks and his songs are very popular in spiritual domain worldwide. According to spokesperson of the Khetrapal “In these Pandemic times, wellness space has grown exponentially. Thus these mantras, songs and talk shows would show millions of views in short spans.”

Orient Tradelink Limited, has three films Children of God, Come December and Chal Jeet Le Ye Jahan slated for release this fiscal Year.

Discussion for imagining and publishing Pen drives and scratch cards of contents is on final negotiating stage with new players.