Vikas Lifecare Limited updates on shares issued on rights basis

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The Right Issue Committee of Vikas Lifecare Limited (formerly Vikas Multicorp Limited) at its meeting held today i.e April 30, 2022 has considered and approved the transition of Partly Paid-up Equity Shares in to fully paid-up equity shares.

The First Reminder of first and final call amount of INR 1.70 per equity share (consisting of face value of INR 0.60/- and a premium of INR 1.10/- per equity share) in respect of remained unpaid 1,34,04,837 partly paid-up equity shares of the Company.

The shareholders of the Partly Paid-Up Equity Shares, who failed to pay the First and Final Call Money, were required to pay the First and Final Call vide First Reminder Notice between Monday, April 4, 2022 and Monday, April 18, 2022 (both days inclusive). The aggregate amount payable by some of these shareholders towards First and Final Call was INR 2,27,88,222.90/-

The successful and valid call money was received on 71,46,781 Partly Paid Up Equity Shares aggregating to INR 1,21,49,527.70/- and consequently transition of 71,46,781 Partly Paid-Up Equity Shares in to fully paid-up equity shares was approved.

The Board/Right Issue Committee authorised the issuance of call money reminders to the holders of remaining 62,58,056 Partly Paid-up Shares.